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2017 Decorating Trends

The decorating trends for 2017 include a few surprises, and some holdovers from 2016. This year, comfort and some fun elements are becoming popular.

Here they are in a nutshell:


  • Bright greens (apple, lime, emerald)
  • Light and soft colors (light blush, light grey)
  • Dark and deep colors (deep grey/purple, graphite, navy blue)
  • Bright white for accent


  • Lots of bold patterns and pattern mixing
  • Texture mixes – large, chunky textiles mixes with faux fur and very “comfy” textures
  • Mohair, wool, and velvet is also featured
  • Reclaimed wood and wood tile is still popular
  • Tropical prints, and geometric prints (this sounds like a 70’s re-boot to me)!

Materials for fixtures and accessories:

  • Bronze, copper, and gold, soft – not too shiny, and all mixed together
  • Chalk-white, or matte white ceramics
  • Marble and brass tables, and counters/sink fixtures
  • Acrylic (acrylic “frameless” art mounts and tables)
  • Natural “driftwood” style tables.

Overall styles and trends:

Farmhouse and reclaimed styles are still big, but accents like bare Edison bulbs are out. A more sophisticated farmhouse look is gaining ground – think of artisan-crafted furniture and accessories, like hand-blown glass, and less crafty/DIY items. Streamlined styles are still popular for those with a more modern taste, but adding textured throws and unusual art and wall hangings will keep it from feeling cold. Some sources say the boho-chic style is still popular, but it seems like the main trends are comfortable, yet sophisticated… whimsical, but with a bit of drama. There also seems to be a paradox of styles between hiding away items and having a minimal look, but then also adding more and more patterns. The heavy industrial seems to be fading away, along with oversized furniture. Using space efficiently is key this year.

And if you would like any guidance on navigating the new trends, and finding the ones that suit you and your home best, feel free to call us!

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