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2024 – Getting Back to Basics – Or, Why I Get Up in the Morning

For many reasons, 2023 has been a challenging year. It was one of those years that gives you time to reassess. For almost 19 years, I have been helping clients through many of life’s transitions, and through many different economic climates. I’ve helped thousands of clients prepare their homes for sale, through something as simple as a consultation, to a full vacant staging with rental furniture and accessories, to everything in-between.

I have helped clients sell their homes faster and for more money than similar homes in the area. On average, when comparing the statistics with the typical Denver home for sale, the homes I have helped stage have sold in 1/3rd of the time and for 6% more. I have also helped clients re-decorate their homes, choose paint colors, select finishes for a new-build, organize their spaces, and generally be a problem-solver for the day-to-day quandaries of living a modern life in a home that may be 1 month or 100 years old.

So, after all these years, what have I brought to the table? What have I really been proud to accomplish? I’ve helped clients pick-out light fixtures and various elements for a remodeling project, and they’ve told me how happy they feel in their new spaces – but what really gets me out of bed in the morning are the staging projects that led to clients making more money, not spending more money.

We all have areas in our homes that could use a little spruce or update, and helping people choose the right thing the first time is a worthwhile skill – but I equally value the times I have told clients that they don’t need to replace something. Sometimes just re-arranging what you have can solve a functional problem in a home. Sometimes a fresh coat of paint can take years off the look of a kitchen, avoiding the need for a large-scale and costly remodel. Sometimes things can be fixed, instead of tossed out.

Growing up in a family that valued repairing items and “making-do” for as long as possible gave me the foundation for creative problem solving. Anyone can throw money at a problem – but if I can help a client sell their home for more with just a small investment or maybe even just their time, I know I’ve provided help that could benefit them and their families for years to come.

If you’d like to chat about the ways I can help you prepare your home for sale, or just life – give me a call (yes, a call – it’s not as scary as you think)!

(303) 322-5327

I’ve had this number for 19 years (too long to get rid of it) – it’s a voice line that forwards to my cell – so if you prefer to type – email me at