Staging in 2023

Like fashion, staging trends come and go. What have I noticed this year? Nothing is predictable, and it’s okay to mix it up (old, new, modern, traditional). Take this staging we did last week.

Because of the busy street out front, I knew I wanted to frame the window in some way, calming down the outside. When staging, we don’t usually put new curtain hardware up, so I had to find a way to do this with our items. I had these lamps in mind, but the rest wasn’t decided until the selection at the rental warehouse. The door to the patio and the office door to the left meant that the seating couldn’t come into the room too much (like a sectional), however, the room was very deep. In the “before”, there was a couch so far away from the fireplace, it felt like a lot of wasted space. In order to feel like the space could be fully utilized, we needed to have the best of both worlds – a deep seating area that didn’t encroach. Enter: the curved couch and glass coffee tables.

I deliberated between this couch and another one for a while. I was concerned it would be too deep, but combining it with the glass coffee tables mitigated that feeling. These tables add to the coziness of the room without adding too much bulk. More curves also mean you can walk around them to the patio, easily.

To me, a living room doesn’t feel finished without two distinct seating items (generally, at least a couch and a chair). This curved chair is near the entry, and because of the curve and the low back, it doesn’t create a wall. I also haven’t used this skinny piece of art in 3 years, but when I saw it, I had to grab it. The black frame works with the tables and some black dining chairs in the adjoining kitchen. – I like how the reddish orange goes with the brick outside. And, the plate on the table has some orange that ties into the art. That creates a visual through-line from the middle of the room to the patio. That was a surprise, too.

Anyway, this house sold in a couple of days. I’d like to say that was a surprise, but since 2005, we’ve seen that staging a home just… what’s that word… oh, yeahworks. That’s why I love it, and always try to make each project better than the last.

Thanks for reading. – Holly