Daily Archives: June 6, 2010

I’m Stuck in a Window Well and I Can’t Get Out!

The other day I was sitting on my back porch reading a book about the Law of Attraction.  I’ve read books about this concept before, but I often like to remind myself of the simple concept that we have more control over our lives than we might think.  That’s not to say it is our goal in life to control everything, but that success or failure is often a product of our outlook and attitudes, and being open to a solution.  Often we are so fixated on the problem, solutions don’t even enter our heads. 

 While I was reading, I was marveling at the beauty of my little back yard, and the sounds of birds, the breeze, and the cars and dogs in the distance.  I love the sounds of waves, and sometimes miss living near the ocean, but I realized that the sounds I heard were very much like the ocean.  They had a rhythm to them, and they were breathing in and out.  It was a lovely realization.  But then I began to notice a few robins that kept calling to each other – and it stood out against the other sounds.  I saw an adult robin, and then a young robin fly to the top of our fence.  His wings were small and he seemed unsure about this new flying thing his mom was clearly anxious for him to try.  Then I heard some fluttering coming from other spot.  It sounded like a bird that was stuck somewhere, struggling.  I looked around and realized it was coming from our neighbor’s window well.  This was about 6 feet deep, with a metal grate on top.  I walked over and saw another young bird sitting down there, unable to get out, and looking up with his little beak open.   He must have fallen in, but couldn’t fly well enough to get out.  Luckily, the grate wasn’t locked, so I was able to lift it up and put it aside.  Meanwhile, the mother bird was keeping a close eye on the situation and was calling to the baby bird.  After I moved away, the little bird flew up and out of the window well and wound up near a tree a few yards away.  I put the grate back on and went back to my reading.

Baby Bird stuck in a window well.
Baby bird stuck in the window well.

 About fifteen minutes later, however, I heard the familiar cry of the baby bird.  It was higher pitched than his mother’s, so I was beginning to recognize it.  It seemed like the mother and her chicks had left, but this little bird hadn’t followed.  I peered through the fence and could see the baby bird hopping towards the same window well.  Of course, not being able to speak bird I couldn’t warn him to stay away from it, and sure enough, he hopped onto the grate and then fell through it.  Poor silly bird.  I walked around and took the grate off again, but without Momma around to coax him out, I think he didn’t know what to do.  After about five minutes or so I had to intervene.  I put on my gardening gloves and climbed down the little ladder.  After a few attempts at gently picking up the very scared bird, I finally was able to lift him up back onto safer ground.  I also tried to shoo him away from that pesky grate.  He still wasn’t flying, but at least he had a chance at survival, now.  I know he may not make it, but I did the best I could and now it’s up to him.

Baby bird safe - for now.
Baby bird safe, for now.

So, of course, events like this often inspire me to think of them as a metaphor for life.  Sure, why not? 

How often have we felt like we were stuck in a big window well?  How often are we tired, scared, and just want our Mommies?  I believe that whenever there is a problem, the solution is waiting for us.  The window well grate is lifted up for us but we don’t see it, or we are too scared to try and escape.  Sometimes, we are even lucky enough to have someone lift us up and save us (even when we make the same mistake twice!)  But in the end, we are ultimately on our own.  Our adventure is ours alone, and only we can decide how it’s going to go.  It may be a little scary, but if we are brave and accept help when it is given, we might do okay.

And in my life, I am so grateful to have taken some time, listened, and been allowed to have this little experience to share with you.

As always – be well, and live abundantly clear,