Intimidated By Accessories?

 Accessories transform a nicely decorated room into a perfect, finished space.  But many homeowners have a hard time choosing the right ones.  Consequently, rooms are often left unfinished.

 Now, with this simple checklist, this can be a thing of the past:

When you see an accessory that you are considering for your room, make sure it meets these guidelines: 

  • Does it have the right mood?  In order for an accessory to “work” in a room, it needs to be in harmony with the mood of the space.  That means that it evokes the same feelings.  Is your room romantic?  Sleek?  Cozy?  Make sure the accessory feels that way, too.  However, accessories that change a room’s mood can work as well if done correctly.  For example, a modern space feels warmer with rustic or hand-made accessories like woven bowls or rough textiles.  Rooms with a lot of patterns in the fabrics can benefit from areas of “rest” with monochromatic or streamlined accessories.


  • Is it going to make the room too “theme-y”?   In general, it’s best to avoid a room that looks like it came out of the Madonna Inn (Google that if you aren’t familiar it).  A touch of whimsy or a conversation piece here and there is great, but a “jungle room” may start to feel a little old after a few months.  A bowl of beach glass on the table with sea shell throw pillows can look great, but add in anchor-design curtains, a fishing net, and a light-house sculpture and the room starts to feel like a seafood restaurant from the 70’s.  A room should have a consistent feel, but a little restraint goes a long way.


  • Is it the right scale?  If you are looking for a piece to display on a large, high shelf, don’t choose something that is too small.  It will just feel lost and incomplete.  And a very large item will look out of place in a room of small, delicate pieces.  Make sure that the accessory you choose harmonizes with the scale of the other items and furniture around it.


  • Is the color right?  Does the color (or colors) of the accessory work in your room?  Of course, it doesn’t have to match exactly, but make sure it blends nicely.  NOTE: Another option is to choose an accessory with a color that stands out.  This can make a dramatic statement.  Make sure, however, that this “drama” fits the mood of your room! It can also help the design of the room if this “pop” of color happens in three places throughout the room – for a triangulation of color.


  • Do you love it?  This may seem obvious, but many homeowners get caught up in making sure that all of their decorating “works” and forget to make sure that they really love everything that is going in their home.  Even if the accessory fits all the other criteria, if you don’t love it, don’t buy it.

And remember, less is more.  Like when accessorizing an outfit, sometimes the best thing you can do is take one item away to help the remaining ones look even better.  That way, you can…

Live Abundantly Clear!

– Holly (always happy to help you accessorize, or edit) Lange –  (303) 322-5327